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Aluminium Lugs


Aluminium Lugs are connecting device with barrel accommodating respective conductor size of electric cable and which has a fixing arrangement of termination by means of a bolt fixing or pin insertion in tunnel type terminal blocks and screwing.

The inside of the barrel is either be suitably roughened throughout the crimping length of terminal end or provided with suitable grease based compound with abrasive action. Edges and corners are free from burrs and sharp edges.


  • High conductivity of current
  • Light Weight and Rust Proof
  • Sufficient thickness to carry required rated current
  • Perfectly marked Conductor size and hole size
  • Capable of carrying over current
  • Soft tube makes it easier to crimp
  • Homogeneity of jointing material and the cable so as to avoid sparking
  • Dimensional sizes ensuring the current density is sufficiently low to reduce substantially

  • Used in the electricity board for power generation and power distribution, transformers, control panels, switch gear, circuit breakers and many more.
  • Used in shipping, marine, mining, automobile, chemical, steel, fertilizers and many more.
  • Also used to provide a protective coat to cables used in aeronautics, cement, textile, satellite, telecommunications and other industrial projects which has electrical applications.

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